The health of people is the prerogative of advanced companies!

And agro Arena Bayer South took up the baton of the joint field days. The AHK team moved from Odessa to Nikolaev and began preparations for the field day with another of its strategic partners, the Bayer company. In the Nikolaev area, on this AA in particular, we are frequent guests. For the third year in a row, we have been informing our partners on this site about all the innovations and research conducted in the chemical laboratories of ADOB. In this region we are represented quite confidently and thoroughly. AHK has 3 successful representatives here who promote ADOB microfertilizers among farmers of the region. AHK team in the photo below.

AgroArenaBajer 1

At this bottom of the field we paid special attention to environmental protection. As it is known, only the company ADOB has in its arsenal, a joint development with Bayer, an IDHA chelating agent. Its strength is that it is biodegradable 28 days before carbon dioxide and water. Under active conditions, I would even say the uncontrolled use of more resistant polishing substances, which leads to the accumulation of heavy metals in a 10-centimeter layer of soil, this quality is now coming to the fore.

We forget, in the race for the harvest, about the main potential of any country – the health of our people! ADOB actively participates in various international programs to improve the quality of life and human health. One such program is Harvest Plus, the International Zinc Association, to improve nutrition and health worldwide.

Of course, we touched on many other issues. But this problem has particularly affected the audience, because it is not traditional for Ukraine and is affected only by leading companies such as ADOB.

AgroArenaBajer 2

The rest of the program is standard: the distribution of advertising, performance in the field and of course dinner.

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