Microfertilizers ADOB – Quality Standard!

Today, complex fertilizers containing, in addition to NPK, a whole range of microelements are becoming increasingly popular with manufacturers. The constant increase in the cost of energy carriers, and as a result, the high price of mineral fertilizers, significant doses of their main application can reduce the profitability of agricultural production. The way out of this situation is the optimization of the plant nutrition regime through the use of microfertilizers, which have a high assimilation efficiency and allow the most fully to realize the biological potential of crop yields. A way out of the situation that is developing (lack of crop rotation and the introduction of organic matter) can also be the use of microfertilizers.

LLC “AHK” – the exclusive distributor of VKP “ADOB” in Ukraine,  offers innovative complex micronutrient fertilizers for foliar feeding of crops produced by ADOB (Poland).

We present a fundamentally new unique product – microfertilizers “Bosfaliary and Solu ™” .

Characteristic features of the proposed microfertilizers:

  1. Top quality European level product. (Directive 2003/2003).
  2. Complete chelation of trace elements with biodegradable IDHA (succinic acid diimide). It ensures maximum plant availability.
  3. Innovative liquid preparative form – convenience of preparation of working solution, ideal solubility in comparison with crystalline micronutrient fertilizers analogs.
  4. An effective method of application is foliar application.
  5. The presence of tensides, reduces surface tension, improves (wetting) the coverage of plants with a working solution, increasing the efficiency of foliar feeding.
  6. High economic efficiency, return on costs of the resulting increase in yield

The certified fertilizers under the ADOB brand are produced under the license of  BASF  in Poland by the Industrial Consulting Company  ADOB  using the new complexing lignant IDHA. IDHA is  manufactured by  Bayer  and supplied exclusively by  ADOB . There are no analogues of the proposed microfertilizers on the Ukrainian market.

The leading position of IDHA chelate is primarily due to its unique properties – it is the only chelating substance that, after “delivery” of microelements to plants, disintegrates in the soil within 28 days without residue.

Of no less importance is the fact that ADOBs are made in a liquid preparative form and do not create those problems with solubility that are familiar to agronomists when working with crystalline micronutrient fertilizers.

In addition, it should be understood that the proposed ADOB products are a new form of true foliar  feeding  for agricultural crops. The essence of foliar feeding is the supply of chelated microelements to plants, accompanied by nitrogen. Phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, as well as calcium and sulfur are often added. This is the fastest way to absorb nutrients. Plants do not need amino acids, stimulants, regulators, humates, etc. Not from a physiological, not from a chemical point of view, these products cannot and do not “work” in plants. This is the Placebo effect.

Processing is in progress:

Attention! The use of micronutrient fertilizers ADOB cannot be considered as an alternative to the traditional schemes of mineral nutrition, developed by research institutions for specific soil and climatic zones and individual farms. The use of microfertilizers can be considered as a universal addition to the recommended models for the organization of adequate plant nutrition and obtaining the maximum efficiency of the entire complex of mineral nutrition of agricultural crops.

Important! Original ADOB preparations – Basfoliars and Salt, you can purchase only from the official distributor in Ukraine, Agrarian – Chemical Company LLC!

Regulations for the use of microfertilizers ADOB

• The solution was poured only into a clean, washed sprayer
• required preliminary tests on miscibility
• work in the morning, night time temperature air max + 20o C, relative humidity above 60%
• During 6-12 hours after treatment is expected precipitation
• Before and after treatment there is no frost
• Plants are dry without rain and dew
• Wind speed does not exceed 6 m / s
• Maximum sprayer speed 10-12 km / h
• Sprayers: fine and medium droplets
• Working pressure 3 atmospheres

Working solution volume (concentration):

• Field crops 200-300 l / ha (4%)
• Vegetable crops 400-600 l / ha (1-2%)
• Fruits of the plantation up to 1500 l / ha (1-2%)

Official exclusive representative of VKP “ADOB” in Ukraine: LLC “Agrarian and Chemical Company”