The best Polish fertilizer for the Ukrainian farmer!

From October 20 to 23, a traditional trip to Poland to the main factory of the ADOB company took place. With the support of the exclusive distributor on the territory of Ukraine, LLC Agrarian Chemical Company.

polski dobriva

The group included farm owners from the Chernigov, Khmelnitsky, Dnipropetrovsk and Nikolaev regions. This team was led by Ivan Gordienko, an agricultural consultant at the micronutrient department. Representatives from different parts of Ukraine use ADOB products and get an excellent end result. We all know that no one is interested in obtaining a quality drug more than the owner of the farm. Therefore, the products of ADOB are so widely in demand among the heads of agricultural enterprises.

Arriving at the plant, Mrs. Alexandra Miller, Director of Sales in Eastern Europe, made a wonderful presentation, familiarizing customers with the history of the company, showed fertilizer manufacturing technology and experimental results. This material aroused great interest among farmers; there was an active dialogue between the lecturer and the audience.

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After reviewing the theory, we went on a tour of the plant to see everything with our own eyes.

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Farmers saw at the plant: high-quality raw materials, qualified personnel, modern production technology and, as a result, an effective product that reaches the final consumer. It is at such events that people understand the complete fertilizer manufacturing process.

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Despite the fact that the plant has been operating since 1991, they continue to develop today. Compared to my previous visit, a new granulator appeared, and the laboratory expanded to analyze the resulting products.

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All production is as mechanized as possible. The plant operates 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. And this is not surprising, because ADOB is a supplier to 82 countries of the world.

Of course, it was not without a cultural program with a guide to the picturesque places of Poland.

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Rogaly oak forests, included in the English park of the Raczynski Palace, are the largest groves not only in Poland, but throughout Europe.

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Kournik Castle (polish. Zamek w Kórniku) is one of the most beautiful castles in Poland. This castle was built by the family of Greater Poland tycoons Gurkov in the XV century. in accordance with the architectural traditions of the time.

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After a long and busy day, we tried delicious Polish cuisine. The gatherings at the table were accompanied by an active discussion of what they saw.

Agronomist-consultant of the
Department of microfertilizers
Gordienko Ivan Valerievich