Seminar of AgroPoligon “West AgroProm”

For the second year in a row, Agarno – Chemical Company has been taking part in the AgroPoligon ZapadAgroProm project. On an area of ​​more than 1000 hectares in the Rivne region, in the Kostoplol region, comparative tests of technologies of various companies, both Ukrainian and international, are being carried out. LLC “AHK” participates in this project by providing drugs and presenting technologies of a well-known manufacturer of microfertilizers, ADOB company (Poland).

In 2020, the final quality assessment of ADOB is the first place, both in terms of qualitative and quantitative indicators. 06/10/2021., A seminar was held which was attended by more than 100 people. Agrarian – chemical company was represented by one of its best managers – Viktor Yaroshchuk. The chief agronomist of ZapadAgroProm, Oleg Furmenets, spoke on behalf of the organizers. He presented the results of the research center as part of the project program. The project aims to disseminate and popularize new technologies in the field of agriculture. Alla Prishchepa, professor of the Department of Ecology of the National University of Water Management and Environmental Management, also spoke at the seminar. The participants examined the locations, got acquainted with new products in various fields of crop production. At a friendly dinner, those present vividly shared their impressions and took part in the controversy that ensued.

We hope that in 2021 the results of the use of ADOB microfertilizers at AgroPoligon and throughout Ukraine, as always, will meet the expectations of everyone who made their choice in favor of cooperation with AHK and ADOB!