Rape top dressing fertilizers ADOB fall

Winter rape today remains one of the most important and most profitable crops in the agricultural production of the country. However, significant freezing winter rape crops recently put many farmers a choice: whether to grow the crop, which needs istotnrape s spending on technology? Recall that the hardiness of plants winter rape mainly depends on the biological characteristics of culture, climate, composed in the autumn of development and the winter as well – from farming practices, such as: soil preparation, fertilizer, timing of planting and seeding more.


Special attention during the wintering of this culture should be given mineral nutrition of plants in the fall. It should be noted that the fall is actively formed root system, the main task of which is to ensure the stability canola plants to extreme temperatures, keep stock of mineral nutrients, sugars, proteins until spring. In addition, already in the autumn phase outlet, the process of differentiation of generative organs (yield formation).

Therefore, the provision of plant winter rape in autumn readily available compounds macro and micronutrients will promote longer term lay flowers and axillary buds at the apex of the root collar and thus shaping the future of high productivity.

The physiological significance of batteries for winter rape in autumn.

Phosphorus (P). Contributes to a well-developed root system and optimum outlet rape, better assimilation of nitrogen from the soil and fertilizers increases plant resistance to frost, reducing the risk of crop lodging, accelerates ripening, increases seed performance.

Potassium (K). Promotes the synthesis and accumulation of carbohydrates in the tissues of canola, which increases their resistance to low temperatures in the winter. Under the influence of carbohydrates also increases as the osmotic pressure in the cells of its root system, and therefore better absorbed water and batteries. It increases resistance to lodging, defeat diseases.

Sulfur (S). Included in the amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, participates in the formation of chlorophyll. Its lack of protein synthesis is inhibited, slowing the growth of plants, reduces the number of pods per plant and seeds in the pod, seed quality deteriorates due to lower oil content. Another important function of sulfur in plant metabolism is increased resistance to fungal pathogens. For a balanced power plants in autumn and winter rape useful minerals.

Rape react positively to the introduction of three micronutrients: boron, manganese and molybdenum.

Boron (B). It promotes growth and root development, in terms of growth, increased accumulation of sugars and other high-energy compounds, and provides transportation to the root collar and improves frost, winter hardiness and wintering plants in general.

Manganese (Mn). Affects the accumulation of sugars in plants and participates in the nitrogen and phosphate metabolism.

Molybdenum (Mo). Participates in carbohydrate metabolism and in the metabolism of phosphate compounds, vitamins and chlorophyll synthesis, improved plant nutrition calcium and iron. In order to provide a balanced mineral nutrition of plants, increase the hardiness of rape in the autumn recommend spending pozakorenevi feeding highly digestible Chelated micronutrient “ADOB”.

“Ukrainian Agrarian Chemical Company” offers such pozakorenevi fertilizer plant nutrition autumn winter rape:

 Basfoliar 12-4-6 + S. Complex fertilizers containing sbalansovanu nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur, and micronutrients. Trace helatezovani biologically rozkladayuchuyusya substance IDHA.

Sol Boron (B) – concentrated fertilizer containing a high content of boron. It is used for crops sensitive to boron deficiency.

Sol Manganese (Mn) – concentrated fertilizer containing a high content of manganese in chelated form. It is used to correct mineral nutrition of plants, especially for crops sensitive to manganese deficiency.

Sol Molybdenum (Mo) – concentrated fertilizer containing a high content of molybdenum. It is used to correct mineral nutrition of plants, especially for sensitive crops molybdenum deficiency.

TECHNOLOGY OF fertilizers “ADOB” in the autumn OF PLANTS Rape intensive program.

Winter rape – Technology sheet supply ADOB 2.0 (intensive).
Autumn, phase 4-8 sheet:

Basfoliar 12-4-6 + S, 5 l / ha.

Sol Vor, 1,5l / ha.

Sol Mn, 1l / ha.

Sol Mo 0,1l / ha.

EFFICIENCY top dressing fertilizer Rape FALL “ADOB”.

Here are some results of studies on the impact of micronutrient foliar fertilizing “ADOB” in the hardiness and yield of winter rapeseed at different levels of mineral nutrition. Research conducted at BASF demo centers in Poland.

Effect of micronutrients “ADOB” in the hardiness and yield of winter rape plants (average for 2013-2015).

The content of sugars, the increase – 3.81%;

Winter hardiness of plants prybavka- 4.7%;

Prybavka- 0,57t Yield / ha;

Studies have shown that foliar feeding autumn sowing winter rape increases the number of leaves and thick root collar at the entrance of the plants in winter. In addition, the introduction of micronutrients versions of “ADOB” rape plants accumulate 3-4% more sugar, thereby increasing plant hardiness in 4-5% yield and seed to 0.57 t / ha. Thus, the use of fertilizers “ADOB” in the autumn of winter rape is an important precondition for rapid growth and root development, laying the generative organs and increase hardiness.

Head of micronutrients of “UAHK” Vasyuhno S.N