Opening the curtain of the land of the pharaohs!

Every year, AHK LLC sends its best employees in the field of sales of ADOB microfertilizers to different countries of the world. In 2019, the choice fell on Egypt – the country of the pharaohs. After a difficult season, both regulars of such actions and new faces set out to rest and gain strength. Representatives of the West and East, South and North of Ukraine have discovered an amazing and mysterious country, the history of which, only after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, is more than 5000 years.

The coast of the Red Sea, or rather its flora and fauna surprised the children with its beauty. Coral reefs are full of colors of fish and plants. The underwater world is in full swing with life, which the managers of the Agrarian – Chemical Company have joined for 7 days. For our group, one of the best Sharm – Yes – Sheikh hotels opened its doors. Stella Di Mare Beach & Spa. Photo below:

egipet ahk

Weather pampered vacationers. The most expressive name that immediately comes to mind is the Velvet Season! Colleagues actively communicated, discussing the path made on the path of agribusiness “the affairs of bygone days, the old tradition of the past.” Old-timers of the company – experienced, wise gray hairs – Bibik S.I., Kovalchuk V.I., Tsikanchuk I.N., Kurilyuk S.V. They shared their experiences with younger colleagues, who in turn surprised everyone with their results.

I especially want to note the manager for Rivne, Volyn and Lviv regions – V. Yaroshchuk He burst into the galaxy of stars of the AHC, into the golden fund of company employees and has been confidently occupying one of the leading places for more than a year. Below in the photo:

egipet ahk1

The company’s management devotes a lot of time and effort to caring for the health and leisure of its employees. Original marketing solutions have always been distinguished by the AHC, but it is not worth writing about them, let them be better appreciated by those for whom they are intended – our clients and our managers. As always, time on vacation flies quickly. So it’s time to go home to our native Ukraine. Remain behind the beauty of the land of the pharaohs, whose impressions sunk into the soul for a long time.

egipet ahk2

Forward! To new achievements, new horizons! I hope that next year our regiment will arrive. At least we sincerely wish it.