Newest technologies on Chernihiv region.

September 14, 2018 LLC “Ukrainian Agrarian and Chemical Company” arranged a field day called “Technological aspects of growing corn and sunflower in the agroclimatic conditions of the Chernigov region” on the basis of the farm Vimal-Agro LLC near the village of Vibli, Kulikovo district.

This field day is organized not for the first time and already becomes traditional. On the territory of the Chernigov region, earlier no one could have thought that in this region it is possible to grow something other than potatoes, flax, oats or rye. But life does not stand still, the climate is changing, and technologies for growing crops are changing.

At this event it was demonstrated that using modern technologies and high-quality seed material, it is possible to grow such highly profitable crops as corn and sunflower. At the event hybrids of the leading companies of seed producers such as “SAATBAU”, “BAYER”, “NUSEED”, “KWS”, “SYNGENTA” were presented. All these companies at the festival of Chernihiv agricultural producers united “UAHK”, which is their official distributor in Ukraine.

Vimal Agro 1

Also on crops, the efficiency of the use of foliar nutrition by the products of the company “ADOB” was demonstrated, the exclusive distributor of which in the territory of Ukraine is also the LLC “Ukrainian Agrarian and Chemical Company”. Special attention was paid to the audience by the sales director in Eastern Europe, Ms. Alexandra Miller, who flew from Poland to share her experience and information with our Ukrainian agricultural producers.

Vimal Agro 2

The event was very interesting and rich with useful information. The friendly words were heard by colleagues: “Do not be afraid to experiment!”. And this slogan became the motto of this Field Day! Only by following modern trends and experiencing innovations, you can achieve success.