Marathon of the “UAHK” 2018

Have not yet managed to clean the New Year tables and did not stop ringing glasses, as on January 15, 2018, the director of UAHK, Baraban V.N., launched a marathon of seminars that will be held in 18 different places in our homeland – Ukraine. All the financial costs for the events took on the “UAHK”.

The opening of the season took place in the geographical center of the Zaporozhye region, the city of Tokmak. The presentation of “UAHK” and organization of the seminar in this region was entrusted to the regional representative Andrei Karpov.

marafon 1

Despite the worsening of weather conditions in the region, in the night from 14.01 to 15.01.2018, the temperature dropped sharply in the region and snow fell, almost 90% (25 representatives) of the invited guests came to the seminar: Primorsky, Priazovsky, Chernigov, Mikhailovsky, Orekhovsky, Gulyaypol, Tokmak and other areas of the Zaporozhye region.

Seminar on the theme “Seeds, systems of protection and non-root nutrition of the main agricultural crops from world-wide manufacturers”, the representative of the company “Bayer” in the Zaporozhye region Nikolay Uvarov began.

The topic of the system of protection of the main agricultural crops of the Zaporizhzhya region and familiarization with new preparations, of their companies, the season of 2018, representatives of the BASF company Ragulin Oleksey and Babenko Dmitry, as well as representative of the Terra Vita company Pasichny Vitaly.

New kinds of sunflower seeds of various oilseeds and confectionery hybrids, as well as sorghum seeds were presented by the American firm Nyusid, with the company’s representative Igor Gavrilyuk.

The Austrian company “Zaatbau”, represented by the representative of the company Kovalenko Oleksey, conducted an interesting lecture about her hybrids of sunflower, maize and pea seeds, presented to the Ukrainian market. The company from Turkey “May Agro” presented its hybrids of sunflower.

Caused special interest, the presentation of microfertilizers “ADOB”, with the demonstration of a short film.

marafon 2

On the questions asked from the audience, it is felt that the seminar is of interest to the public and that not random people are present among those present, but those agronomists, managers, farmers who produce the most necessary products for people with their own hands-food stuffs-bread.

At the end of the seminar, a blitz survey was conducted, identifying the best listeners and presenting souvenirs from suppliers’ firms.

The seminar ended with the final word of the regional representative of UAHK in the Zaporizhzhya region Karpov Andrey, summing up the seminar, thanks to all the arrivals and representatives from the suppliers’ firms, for interesting lectures and a festive dinner, with congratulations on the New Year 2018 coming.

Then the relay is transferred to the city of Dnepr, to the representative of the company in the Dnipro region Sergei Bibik.

We will also wish the marathon to reach 18 points in the city of Yagotyn, Kiev region.

Author of the article: A.Karpov, representative of “UAHK” in Zaporozhye region.