Live and learn!

Do not carry knowledge behind! So says the old folk wisdom. The Agrarian Chemical Company pays special attention to the training of its employees. The annual training seminar took place in the fall of 2019 in conference rooms at the Favor Park Hotel.

The forum was opened by the Head of the supervisory board of AHK LLC – Vladimir Nikolayevich Baraban. Summing up the results of 2019, he advised the guys on new achievements in the development of business in their work areas. The listeners were offered the latest news in the field of plant protection and seeds. Traditionally, ADOB was introduced by Alexandra Miller, Director of Sales in Eastern Europe.

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An unprecedented speech was also noted by the head of the microfertilizer department, originally linking the vector of the development of the universe with the vector of development of sales of micronutrient fertilizers by ADOB managers of AHK. The performance revived the audience caused genuine interest and, as always, controversy ensued!

Managers offered their own new solutions to improve sales technology. However, so as not to give the impression that passions were boiling only in the field of micronutrient fertilizers, we will return to other areas of the AHC’s work. The locomotive leading the company forward is the SZR department. The sellers owe a deep knowledge in this area to the performance of representatives of such companies as Bayer, Basf, Syngenta and Newfarm.

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The seed block was presented by both heavyweights: Syngenta, Bayer (Monsanto), and others no less relevant: FAC, NewSid, Zaatbau. In general, it is necessary to note the high level of the event and the special attention paid to the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of sales at the enterprise.

We wish success and new achievements to the leadership of the entire AHK team!