Innovation Management Team

Such a high-profile name has one of our best partners, who conducted weekly training for its agronomic service in the cities of Sumy and Chernihiv. LLC Agrarian-Chemical Company, every year takes part in these events as a partner. On February 15, 2019 and February 16, 2019, company representatives spoke to the IMC audience and spoke in detail about all the intricacies of the technology of using microfertilizers for foliar top dressing of the main field crops. The basis of the speech was a report by Sergey Vasyukhno. The main advantages of using the Basfoliar and Sol products in the form of liquids were revealed. As is well known PKP “adobov”, the exclusive official distributor of which is LLC Agrarian – Chemical Company, has been manufacturing microelemental fertilizers and inorganic chemicals for 29 years.


The photo shows the head of the microfertilizers department of Agrarian Chemical Company LLC – Vasyukhno Sergey Nikolaevich.

LLC Agrarian-Chemical Company not only sells microfertilizers in Ukraine, but also provides agronomical support to customers, conducts field days and seminars independently and in cooperation with companies such as BASF and BAYER. Also laid demodilynky on the lands of partners. The report on one of these experiments was proved to the audience by the Director of the Chernigov branch of LLC AHK – Vladimir Kovalchuk. With his active participation, this work is being done. The IMC assigned to him and, accordingly, Mr. Vladimir actively participated in this event. He answered the questions of agronomists, showed practical advantages of using ADOB microfertilizers with practical examples.


In the photo the Director of the Chernigov branch of LLC Agrarian – Chemical Company – Kovalchuk Vladimir Ivanovich.

A large number of agronomists were attracted to the training. In Sumy and Chernigov – 32 and 44 people, respectively. Every year, our colleagues are looking forward to these seminars in which they enhance their knowledge and learn about the know-how of the modern agrarian market.


After such events, agronomists are tested with the subsequent promotion. We wish success to all of us in the New Year! Let the knowledge that was provided in the training will be needed by business managers and will lead to the prosperity of our companies and the people who work for them!