Feast of farmers in Poltava!

August 15, in the village of Nedogarki, Kremenchug district, on the basis of the economy of the PSP “Dneprovskie Zori”, another field day was held, which was held by the Ukrainian Agrarian-Chemical Company. Organized and implemented in practice this wonderful holiday of the agrarians of the region – the regional manager of UAHK in the Poltava region, Girba Alexander Anatolyevich. In the picture in the middle.

poltava-den polya

As always, everything started at nine o’clock in the morning with the registration of participants, during which an exhibition of seed companies worked on the territory of the farm: Monsanto, KWS, SaatbauMAY, Syngenta, Neuseed the technology of foliar fertilizing with microfertilizers was presented by ADOB.

poltava-den polya2

Representatives of companies offered managers and agronomists of farms catalogs, promotional products and other information to the technology of their products.

The beginning of Field Day was opened by the director of the “Dnieper Zory” CSP, Siora Lidiya Mikhailovna, and the chairman of the RGA of the Kremenchug district.

UAHK was represented by Osadchy Alexander Andreevich. The official part of the speech was delivered by the representative of the PCO “ADOB” in Ukraine, Vasyukhno Sergey Nikolaevich.

After the greeting, all those present went out into the field, where they could see the result of cultivation of one or another variety in the conditions of almost complete absence of spring moisture, but it is in such conditions that it is easier to determine the leader for the conditions of the region.

When inspecting crops, the present system of post-root nutrition of plants with microfertilizers according to ADOB technology was presented to those present.

In general, everything went on a good note, each of those present left the Field Day with a certain experience, having the opportunity to compare a large number of varieties in one field and mentally choosing the most suitable and optimal for their farm varieties.

Everyone appreciated the power and quality of ADOB – Basfoliary and SOLI preparations.

After inspecting the crops, as usual in Ukraine, the hosts of the event treated the guests to a festive dinner. Guests for a long time did not disperse sharing their impressions of a rich table with food!

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