Days of the AA Bayer West field

Axis and daughter were all in view of the season at AA Bayur Zahid! 06/15/2021, Arena accepted an award from the new and central Ukraine and took over the workers of the village from the Rivne, Ivano – Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions. The products of the Polish company were always consumed by the drink in the western region.

Look at the houses of the religious workers of the city in front of their high-ranking order with acceptable prices. VKP “ADOB”, an exclusive official distributor of the є AHK, has long been tying with Bayer with scientific and partnership ties. Why only varta is the Bayor – ADOB Wine Route and Social Restratsi 50/50 Directive in the Directive of the European Union 2003/2003, chelating idha speeches.

There is a literal sense of the word in the area of ​​virobration, biologically speaking, speech falls out, which is especially important at the moment, if the struggle for ecology is getting more and more serious. It takes 28 days to go down to carbon dioxide and water in 28 days, in fact, it does not bring any skodi to the midst of the day.

Otzhe turn until the Field Day followed by a higher date of the call, now the fahivtsi Bayur were famous. The number of participants has exceeded 80 individuals. Naturally, quarantine came in, people were thrown into a circle of okremikh groups.

ADOB especially in the presentation did not require more than a number of those present for a long time were given to the preparation of Basfoliar and Salt, but not less on the forum of presentations new catalog of 2021 rock and all with great interest, they looked at the demo of the girl, the son of a yogurt …

On all cultures, non-root growth was carried out with ADOB preparations. Yak will be in a warm and friendly environment and ended with a savory offense. The start is given! Also at AA Zakhid I will go through three days of the field for partners from the other regions of Western Ukraine. All I have a good harvest! It’s not like the folk wisdom – not the harvest that is in the field, but the one that is in the comoria!