Days of the AA Bayer South field

The abandonment of the usual format of field days in 2020 was some kind of shock for all of us.

Everyone was sympathetic to the quarantine measures taken in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, but the specifics of agriculture required live communication. And so, as a breath of fresh air this year became the field days at AA Bayer South. As you know, AHK has been the exclusive distributor on the territory of Ukraine of VKP “ADOB” for 7 years already.

It is the largest and most importantly one of the most famous scientific achievements in the world of micronutrient fertilizers. The format of the events was as follows. There was not one big forum, but several medium ones, divided by regions of the South of Ukraine. On different days, the achievements in the field of agriculture, Bayer and ADOB shared with the workers of the village of Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. As before in the good old days, promotional materials were handed out. Then the head of the region spoke and everyone rushed into the field.

All major field crops were presented at the locations: sunflower and corn, winter rapeseed, wheat, barley, peas and soybeans. Naturally, representatives of Bayer and ADOB familiarized the audience with the technology of using plant protection products and fertilizers on the aforementioned crops. Farmers have shown genuine interest in foliar feeding of plants. ADOB technology is advanced in this area. Of particular note is the chelating agent IDHA, a joint project between Bayer and ADOB. Its hallmark is that it decomposes to carbon dioxide and water in 28 days. This characteristic is essential in the face of ever-increasing sustainable food standards.

This year, ADOB received 6 certificates for the use of its preparations for the production of environmentally friendly products. The weather tried to unsettle all the participants, but neither the pouring, lingering rain, nor the wind could spoil the holiday. As it happened, everything ended with a delicious, friendly dinner with a prize drawing. Everyone shared their impressions and rejoiced at the return of the usual format for the field days!