Concern BASF with the participation of UAHK and ADOB held the Field Day in Khmelnytsky region.

On Tuesday, June 9, the BASF concern held a Field Day in (Orynin village, Kamenets-Podilsky district, Khmelnytsky region).


On this day, about 150 participants – managers and agronomists of agricultural enterprises, representatives of seed companies and scientific institutions – had the opportunity to see with their own eyes the results of the use of innovative BASF and ADOB products in production conditions and received up-to-date recommendations for the effective use of the company’s products in the spring.


As always, one of the organizers and participants was the Ukrainian Agrarian Chemical Company (UAHK), which introduced the ADOB company to the participants.

In particular, within the framework of the Field Day, representatives of the company UAHK represented by Viktor Kitaychuk and ADOB, which was represented by the head of the representative office Sergey Vasyukhno, provided agrarians with advice on the use of complex chelated microfertilizers of the Basfoliara line.


These drugs are a joint project of BASF and ADOB. In addition, the participants learned about the peculiarities of using mono microfertilizers of the SALY line.

When examining the demonstration plots of winter wheat, the participants of the event were convinced of the effectiveness of the Basfoliar 36 Extra preparation, which is a universal and very effective means for saturating this crop with microelements accompanied by nitrogen. In addition, the farmers examined the demonstration soybean fields treated with Basfoliar 6-12-6.


In turn, the farmers also shared their successful experience of using ADOB preparations, noting the high quality of the product.

“We at the Ukrainian Agrarian Chemical Company try to help farmers, because we are convinced that their work is one of the most important on Earth. That is why we maintain close cooperation with Ukrainian agricultural producers in order to take into account their needs as much as possible when supplying ADOB products and preparing recommendations on technologies for the use of microfertilizers, ”said Viktor Kitaychuk, head of the regional division of the UAHK sales department in Khmelnitsky region, at the Field Day.


The event ended with a gala dinner, after which prizes were awarded – three cans of 20 liters, Basfoliar 6-12-6.

The lucky winners of the prize fund took pictures with representatives of UAHK and ADOB.