Bayer – there is no limit to perfection!

In order to express the impression of the Bayer field day, Kamenka, Ternopil region, I’m afraid just words are not enough. It was necessary to feel it, it was necessary to breathe this air, to swim in the atmosphere of a holiday that enveloped all the participants, I am not afraid to say – the best of the days of the field that I happened to see in 2019.

First, a huge number of people – 380 registered members. Secondly, the excellent work of Bayer employees, who surrounded everyone with their attention and provided a lot of new interesting information in their speeches. And of course an incomparable show program where People’s Actress of Ukraine Ekaterina Buzhinskaya performed.

I was very pleased with the respectful attitude of Bayer towards his partners. Sufficient time was allowed for performances. Below in the photo, the head of the AHK department, Sergei Vasyukhno, told the participants in detail the technology of foliar feeding of sunflower with ADOB micronutrient fertilizers.

The use of new technologies is the credo of such companies as Bayer and ADOB! No wonder it was the joint project of Bayer and ADOB to develop a new chellating agent that was crowned with success, which is called IDHA. It is a joint contribution to science and environmental protection. IDHA is a biologically pure product, because decomposes to carbon dioxide and water in 28 days and does not accumulate in a 10 cm layer of soil.

Of course, one cannot fail to note the excellent dishes that were treated to the guests. A magnificent lunch delighted everyone with its sophistication and variety of dishes.

Summing up, I would like to say the following. Once again, you are convinced there is no limit to Bayer’s improvement!