BASF seminar in Zhytomyr

Trial ball joint seminars and Adobe BASF in Ukraine was put into operation in Zhitomir!

25 years Basfoliary drugs, the creator of which yavlyayutsya scientists of the world’s largest chemical laboratory – BASF lab produced under license in the factory of the CPSU “Adobe” in Poznan.

For several years in Ukraine, on demotsentrah BASF in Krupce, the Open and the winery is their official exclusive distributor of Adobe in Ukraine LLC “UAHK”.

And Adobe has been presented at a seminar in Zhytomyr.


Of course – this statement can not be called first. In addition to annual seminars UAHK Adobe is constantly involved and representatives of BASF, but nevertheless … The close collaboration of these companies in Poland is gradually transshipped across the border and extends to the whole of Ukraine.

This is the logic of the process and how I see the key to the further expansion of Adobe products on the Ukrainian market. So it begs the slogan.

German quality – Polish prices!

In the photo: Regional representative of BASF in Zhytomyr region and the head of Nicholas Rachok microfertilizers Adobe Department in LLC “UAHK” Sergei Vasyuhno.