AHK is back in Poltava region!

Agrarian – chemical company again spent a field day in Poltava region. This event took place on 08/13/2019 in Chutovsky districton the basis of the farm Grekova M.N. Note that the forum was held for the first time in this farm and was of an experimental nature. So far, there has been a small number of business executives – 33 people, but with a big backlog for the future.

The event was also attended by guests from the Kiev region. Representatives of Zgurovshchyna came to learn new things and share their experience. The venue was not chosen by chance. After all, M.N. Grekov, is promising for the cultivation of crops such as corn and sunflower. The idea of ​​the project is to attract farms as much as possible to test new, high-yielding maize and sunflower hybrids in their fields and study how they behave when using various agricultural technologies. Therefore, agronomists and heads of enterprises from Chutovsky and surrounding areas could see and learn more about how the technologies of Monsanto, KWS, Newseed, May work and the possibilities of hybrids are revealed directly in the conditions of their region. Traditionally, the day began with a presentation part, where the participants received a lot of theoretical information.

First, the hospitable head of the enterprise acquainted the audience with his farm. The farm now has a land bank of 1000 hectares of land. According to the structure, the sown areas are distributed as follows: corn, sunflower and 100 hectares of barley. Then the representatives of the seed companies spoke. They recalled that all phases of plant development are important for achieving the best result, but only the initial ones can be influenced. First of all, you need to choose the right hybrid, perform seed treatment, sow at the optimal time, choose the right nutrition and corn protection systems. Then in the future it will be stronger and healthier, it will better tolerate stress factors during the growing season. A representative of the BAYER company spoke on plant protection. In the photo in the center:

And of course, the ubiquitous representative of the AHK microfertilizers department, Ivan Gordienko, presented a system of foliar feeding with ADOB micronutrient fertilizers for corn and sunflower.

In a friendly photo, representatives of world brands who shared their experience at the bottom of the field of AHC: ADOB, Newseed, May:

It is impossible not to mention the organizer of the field day again. Tired, but always cheerful and active manager of the AHK in the Poltava region – Girba Alexander Anatolyevich. The picture is in the center.

An agrarian and chemical company on an ongoing basis shares with its partners the latest achievements of agricultural science, organizing such field days, seminars, involving representatives of the world’s leading companies.

We wish success to everyone who organized and visited this field day in their hard work!