ADOB is the power of science!

The next, which has become traditional, trip of representatives of the leading holdings of Ukraine to the ADOB plant has come to an end. As you already understood, the AHK together with ADOB conducts such trips annually. This time, the delegation was distinguished for the better by its composition of specialists in the field of chemistry and agronomy. Just the presence of the chief agrochemist of the KERNEL group of companies, the chief agronomist of CHIMK. The businessmen also did not herd the back ones; the group included the commercial director of ICT AGRO and many other specialists of the aforementioned companies. On June 30, Poland greeted us with an abnormal heat. The thermometer exceeded +36 degrees Celsius. According to Ms. Miller, ADOB Sales Director for Eastern Europe, Poles are not used to such heat, but we are no stranger. It was hotter in the steppes of Ukraine. After checking into a small, cozy hotel in the center of Poznan, we had dinner at a wonderful restaurant on the Market Square:

The next day, the entire delegation went to the plant in unison. The guide at the enterprise was Alexandra Miller and the chief technologist of the plant, who showed us the production of micronutrient fertilizers using the latest technologies. ADOB relies on inorganic chemistry, i.e. that section where you can mathematically justify the result of the use of drugs. It should also be noted that only ADOB over the past 15 years has registered two new chelating agents in the Directive 2003/2003 of the European Union – IDHA (50/50 joint project with Bayer) and HBED (the world’s most persistent chelating agent, even at pH12) … The delegates got acquainted with the production of these chelates. The presentation by the commercial director of ADOB of the enterprise strategy, which is based on the main slogan – ADOB – Power of Science, turned out to be very constructive  !

After visiting the plant, an introductory tour of Poznan took place. Here the guide was Alexey – our fellow countryman from Kiev, who went to study in Poznan back in 1998 and stayed there. For the sake of truth, it should be noted that he knows the history of Poznan better than many Poles. In the photographs you will see several stories and sights of Poznan.

In particular, the symbol of the city, oddly enough, are two goats!

Adam Mickiewicz Square!

The Germans also left their mark. During the period of the German Empire, Poznan was the seat of the Prussian Emperor Wilhelm.

Tired but satisfied, we returned to the hotel.

On July 2, Ms. Miller organized a trip to a Polish farmer whose farm was located near Poznan. He has 400 hectares of land under cultivation. The owner warmly greeted us, showed us his land and we also visited the warehouse store, which is part of a kind of cooperative consisting of 15 individual farmers. The main crops in the rotation are winter rapeseed, wheat, vegetables and some corn. Of course, Polish agriculture cannot be compared with Ukrainian. The presence in Ukraine of farms with a bank of land from 100,000 hectares to 550,000 hectares shocked our hospitable owner a little, but nevertheless there was something to learn from him. First of all, I would like to note that the presence of the owner – the owner on the earth in the fourth, fifth generation, which leads to a completely different attitude of a person to the earth.

Much more can be said. All the participants of the trip were overwhelmed with impressions, but the main thing that our guests will take with them to Ukraine is the realization of the fundamental, scientific approach that is present at ADOB. I just want to say:  ADOB is a place for new ideas and the triumph of science!