Seminars 2018

LLC "Ukrainian Agrarian and Chemical Company" on May 23, 2018 began the field part of practical and theoretical seminars for its customers and all interested producers of sunflower.

These seminars are a continuation of the winter cycle of exercises that were conducted for farmers of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine in the areas where sunflower crops are relevant.

Small regional seminars, as practice shows, arouse the interest of cultural producers and allow you to get acquainted with the novelties of technologies, hybrid offers for a specific cultivation zone and in soil-climatic conditions of direct spatial proximity to their farms. The relay race started in Vinnitsa in the Tyvrovsky district, in the private enterprise "Vita".

Specialists of this farm, together with specialists from the Ukrainian agrarian and chemical company, was made and at the initial phases of sunflower organogenesis, the recommended technological operations were carried out, and the workshop demonstrated the culture ladders and external signs of the technology elements and the effects of chemical agents.

Technological recommendations were demonstrated by representatives of our partner companies, namely the chemical companies BASF, Adob ​​(products for foliar fertilizing of plants with microfertilizers), and representatives of the seed companies Nuseed and MAY seeds - well-known world brands in the selection and seed production of sunflower - presented their products in the field .

We plan to hold such seminars in the fields during the vegetation period and invite everyone to participate in them. For information on holding seminars, please contact our representatives in the regions.

The photo shows the working moments of the seminar in the private enterprise "Vita".